Small Group Leader Training

We dream of small groups in our churches making an essential contribution to making disciples.  We want them to experience rich community in Christ, to help group members grow an ever-deepening trust in Christ, and to equip believers to serve our King together. Small Group Leaders Training offers two levels of training to help small group leaders be intentional in making disciples through their groups.  

Level 1 - Small group leaders will learn...

  • How to cultivate the "soil" of a small group so disciples can grow
  • How to equip people to grow through serving in and with their small group
  • How to ask great questions that prompt people to grow in trusting God
  • How to lay a foundation for multiplying a small group from the very beginning

Level 2 - Small group leaders will learn...

  • How to help group leaders live in more consistent fellowship with God between meetings
  • How to use "interruptions" as opportunities for group members to grow as disciples
  • How to develop positive accountability in a small group
  • How to help non-believers intersect with a small group
  • How to prepare to multiply your group

Each level of training lasts about 1.5-2 hours and can be scheduled by contacting Alan Rathbun.