• Helps you and your church grow in your understanding of God's peace and respond to conflict with grace and obedience
  • Fosters a culture that reflects unity in Christ
  • Uses Biblical truths to bring a Christ-centered response to any type of dispute

As Alliance people, we believe we that we are called to respond to conflict in a way that is remarkably different from the world.

Unfortunately even people who share a love of Christ and commitment to kingdom principles can’t always get along. Before conflict gets a foothold in your church and invites division, allow an Alliance Peacemaker to facilitate a dialogue with those individuals in conflict. Alliance Peacemaking brings Christ-centered, Biblical help to any conflict.

People respond to a gospel that speaks to their deepest areas of conflict—and the trained team is equipped to be a practical messenger of God’s grace and peace through one-on-one coaching and through mediation.

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