Breakout Churches Groups

  • Challenges "good" churches to become "great" churches and enjoy unprecedented fruitfulness!
  • Empowers pastors to stay the course and lead their church's breakthrough
  • Describes the qualities and characteristics of effective breakthrough leaders

Based on the extensive research of Thom Rainer, whose consulting group has researched and studied more than 50,000 American churches, it is possible for mediocre churches to transition to excellent churches. Rainer’s book, Breakout Churches, is the story of 13 churches who declined or plateaued for several years before breaking out of the slump, experiencing new growth, and making a clear and positive impact on the community—all while maintaining the same pastor. “We sought stories of changed leadership values rather than stories of changing leaders,” Rainer writes.

Breakout Churches also identifies the common and surprising characteristics of pastors who can successfully execute breakthrough in their churches, making it a helpful starting place for churches desiring to increase attendance and community impact.

Pastors who desire to see breakthrough will meet in small groups and discuss Rainer’s book in conjunction with a District-appointed consultant who has experienced aspects of breakthrough in their own congregations. The District provides this consultation at no financial cost to the local church.

For more information, contact the District Office at 717-985-9240.