Eastern PA Church Planting (EPCP) is a cooperative partnership of local churches and individuals in funding, prayer, and other support for developing a multiplying movement of making disciples who make disciples that leads to churches planting churches.




Eastern Pennsylvania is home to almost 9 million people.   There are 4.5 million Pennsylvanians in the Philadelphia metro area and more than 3 million people live in the next six largest metro areas.  Even with all of these, there are still hundreds of smaller cities, towns, and rural areas throughout Eastern PA. Most of these people do not know the transforming love of Christ.

Even though the varied landscape of Eastern PA is dotted with church buildings, a closer look at Eastern PA reveals:

  • Many churches PROMOTING an impersonal morality, but too few churches that EXALT Christ and proclaim His gospel clearly.

  • Many churches trying to fill empty sanctuaries, but too few churches that EQUIP people to serve and lead.

  • Many churches clinging to ritual and religion, but too few churches that EXPRESS Christ's kingdom with grace AND truth.

Planting churches can powerfully change the spiritual landscape of Eastern Pennsylvania. That's because church planting is not about USING people to DO church. Church planting is about BUILDING people to BE the church. Church planting helps Jesus' followers be the church when we make disciples who publicly trust in Him and who are learning to obey everything He commanded.

Our goal is to plant disciple-making churches which are:

  • Faithful to the message of Christ

  • Fruitful in serving with Christ

  • And intent on MULTIPLYING through planting more churches




El Camino
Xavier & Alexandra Godoy


Hope Alliance Church
Jim & Jess Entwistle

Delaware County

Citylight Church
Andy & Mindy Resh
(forming core team now, launching worship later in 2019)


The Rock Church
Joshua and Shaniqua Robertson


Trinity Church
Matt & Kelly Murphy


El Camino Iglesia Alianza
Armando & Elizabeth Rhon

pleasant gap

Centre Church
Jonathan and Suzy Weibel


Iglesia Steamtown
Marcelo & Andrea Castro

In the horticultural world, a greenhouse provides a healthy, protective, nutritional environment for plants to grow and thrive. It's a place for a seed to be nurtured and grown into a healthy sapling. This is also true of the Greenhouse Church. A Greenhouse Church provides a nurturing environment for a "seed," a potential church planter, to develop and become a "sapling" (a prepared leader and team) that is transplanted into the field. A Greenhouse Church is a partnership between a local church, a church planting resident, and the District. The local church is the greenhouse, an environment for the potential church planter to serve and grow. It also commits to being the source for a future core team of believers for a new church plant. The church planting resident is committed to a period of time to serve the local church while learning skills that will prepare him to be a fruitful church planter. The District provides training, resources, and coaching as part of this developmental process.

The goal of this process is not just to add new churches, but with grace and wisdom from God, to work toward a multiplying network of church plants. Please pray for God to give us the grace and wisdom we need to develop multiple greenhouses in our District in the years to come. Chris is building His church on the foundation of godly leaders. We want to be fruitful with Him in His work.


We are offering this training FOR FREE on June 19 at Iron Mill Church in Danville from 9:00am-3:30pm and lunch is included.  The trainer for this event will be Rob Parker, Northeast Regional Church Planting Coordinator for the Alliance. 


To register for this event send an email to Alan Rathbun at