We are happy to offer coaching to the pastors that are part of our Eastern PA Alliance family.  The goal of our coaching is to help our pastors experience the joy of growing fruitfulness with God in both their personal and ministry lives.  

The essence of coaching is a conversation that helps a person gain clarity, direction and personal growth.  Proverbs 20:5 reminds us that "The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out."  The pathway to clarity through coaching is not paved with advice from the coach, but is marked by the coach asking insightful questions that lead to awareness and discovery in four ways:

  • Awareness of current obstacles to fruitfulness
  • Awareness of new opportunities for fruitfulness
  • Discovery of clear steps for overcoming obstacles or pursuing opportunities  
  • Discovery of knowledge that strengthens the foundation for greater fruitfulness

Coaching is both an art and a skill, so we pour energy and resources into training our coaches.  Our coaches meet for training 4 times a year and grow through their coaching experience as well.  If you are interested in being coached for greater fruitfulness or are interested in learning to be a coach for others, contact Alan Rathbun.

Coaching Resources