Church Assessment Teams

  • Helpful during pastoral transition in churches that need some clear future direction
  • Gives voice to a broad cross-section of current and former church attendees through personal interviews
  • Identifies a church's strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides leaders with an assessment and goals for moving the church forward

Churches that are going through pastoral transition and are struggling to remain mission-focused, experiencing a decline in attendance and/or kingdom passion, or desiring an outside evaluation of their current strengths and weaknesses are prime candidates for a visit by a church assessment team.

Comprised of three people with no current ties to the church, a church assessment team appointed by the district superintendent visits the church over the course of a weekend to interview leadership, adults, teens, and the pastoral staff. They also tour the facility, host open forums, and attend the Sunday morning service. At the conclusion of the weekend, the assessment team provides a preliminary report to the leadership team and congregation before drafting and sending a more comprehensive assessment report with specific recommendations.

Implementation of the recommendations is led by teams within the local church with the assistance of a District-appointed coach. The work of the Church Assessment Team will also help to inform the Pastoral Search Team and Governance Authority regarding the profile of the next pastor.

The local church is expected to care for all costs associated with the work of the assessment team members, including travel, lodging, food, and honorariums. Where needed, District assistance with these costs can be requested.

For more information, contact the District Office at 717-985-9240.