Changing Course Consultation

  • Provides strategy for reviving plateaued and declining churches
  • Offers valuable insight into the challenges congregations face today
  • Establishes coaching relationships for lead pastors
Changing Course.jpg

Changing Course Consultation is designed to help plateaued or declining churches of all sizes find new direction. The consultation has two strategic components—coaching and mentoring for the lead pastor, and training, analysis, assessment, and planning for the lay leadership team. The goal at the end of this six-month process is to implement a strategic plan crafted by the pastor with substantial input from the leadership team that will guide the church to once again make a dynamic kingdom impact in its community.

Changing Course Consultation is based on Changing Course: Leading Older Churches in a New Direction, a book authored by Terry Smith that recounts his personal experience at Immanuel Church in Mechanicsburg, a church that had enjoyed fruitful ministry and attendance of more than 500 people in the ‘80s and ‘90s before experiencing precipitous decline in both attendance and ministry effectiveness. Under Smith’s tenure as senior pastor (2006-2014), Immanuel enjoyed increased attendance, conversions, spiritual vitality, spiritual diversity, and an influx of younger people.

The District provides this consultation at no financial cost to the local church.